Olympia Fine Arts International Exhibition and Symposium 2016

16th - 22nd January 2016

Date: 16th to 22nd January 2016
Venue: Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra, Panjabari, Guwahati - 781037, Assam, India

Participating Artists

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About OFAA


Olympia Fine Art association has come up with the idea to put up an exhibition in India. As UTPAL BARUA is the elected board member of India, the exhibition was proposed to be held from the native place he hails from, Guwahati.

The main aim of the exhibition is to promote North-East India.It comprises of eight states where Sikkim recently became apart of North-East. It is thus a grand exposition of cultural symbiosis with its diverse ethnic groups and sub-groups forming a cultural mosaic of art, culture and heritage. It lies at the center of one of the world’s richest bio-geographic area with its unique flora and fauna. Guwahati, lies at the heart of this cultural museum. As it rests on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra with its serene soothing hills and valleys, it transcends one to a place almost magical .

The Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra is a cultural institution located in Guwahati, Assam. Named after the medieval poet-playwright and reformer Srimanta Sankardev, it includes a cultural museum, library, open-air theatre spread over a sprawling 40-acre campus and is Northeast India’s largest cultural congregation. With a rare collection of artifacts and the hub of cultural and literary congregation, it is a reflection of the life and culture of North-East India. Thus it is indeed befitting that Shankardeva Kalakshetra is the platform for the various artists from all over the globe to celebrate their talent .

OFAA (Olympia Fine Art Artists) was formed during the Olympic games, which was held in Beijing in the year 2008. It comprises of more than 100 fantastic Artists from all over the globe. The Excellent Artworks with the theme “China and the world” of these renowned Artists were selected by the Olympic fine Arts Committee for an exhibition, which was held at the China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing in August 2008. Headed by an Artist named PAUL TIILILÄ from Finland, OFAA was founded by that energetic group of Artists with full of zeal and enthusiasm and was registered in Finland as an active art association .

  • In the year 2009, the OFAA board organized its first meeting n Venice, Italy where PAUL TIILILÄ from Finland and KHALID MITHU from Bangladesh were selected as president and vice president respectively.
  • Year 2009 also experienced the participation of 20 OFAA artists in the 100 Excellent Artists Exhibition, which was held in Penang/Malaysia .
  • The second annual meeting was held in Srajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in the year 2010.
  • 27 OFAA artists participated in 2010 for two exhibitions in Bosnia & Herzegovina, one in the Olympic City of Sarajevo and second in the City of the Olympic athletes, Banja Luka .
  • In 2011, the 3rd annual meeting of OFAA was held in Venice on 6th of June, where LENA KELEKIAN  was elected as the President and PAUL TIILILÄ as Vice-President .
  • OFAA exhibition was held in Jakarta, Indonesia for a month from 8th July to 8th August.
  • In the year 2013, the 4th Annual meeting of OFAA was held in Venice in the month of June, where elected board members were UTPAL BARUA from India, CRISTINA GORI from Italy, HARALD SCHOLE from The Netherlands, HERTHA MIESSNER  from Germany, TERO ANNANOLLI from Finland, Victoria CANO PÉREZ from Spain, RYU ILSEON from Korea and SHATARSAIKHAN BIZIYA from Mongolia .


Olympic Fine1 Arts 2008

The formal exhibition of the “Olympic Fine Arts 2008″ event opened in Beijing Monday 12th August 2008.

Olympic Fine Arts 2008

Olympic Fine Arts 2008, Beijing, China, August 2008.

Supported by

Department of Culture, Govt of Assam

Organised by


Association with

Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra

Event Partner

Mantraa Media

Event Highlights

Theme of the Exhibition "Green eArth"


  • 30+ Olympic Nations.
  • 45+ International Master Artists.
  • Live Painting by Master Artists.
  • Workshops and Conferences.
  • 100+ Artists of the Country.
  • Thousands of Art Admirers.
  • Live Music & Concert.
  • Exhibition cum Sale.
  • Cultural Kaleidoscope.
  • Thematic Innovative Stalls.
  • Handloom and Handicrafts.
  • Ethnic Fusion Fashion Show.
  • Several Event Attractions.
  • B2B & B2C Opportunities.
  • one week of community , consumer – connection.


  • To create unique contemporary Art works/ Paintings and create a platform for artists to exchange experiences and generate creative idea, as well as to promote contemporary paintings processes in the society.
  • To promote high quality contemporary art availability to public, raise public interest in culture, preservation of cultural heritage, to promote the creation of new contemporary artworks and their collections.
  • To collectively create paintings therefore improving the cultural space of North east as a whole in the context of contemporary art world.


Event Activities

From Kids, Youth to Business Houses, we have you covered !

OFAIES Event attractions at Shilpagram

  • Cultural Kaleidoscope of North-East.
  • Ethnic Cuisine Corner.
  • Food Chain Stalls
  • Live Concert.
  • Handloom & Handicraft Stalls.
  • Traditional Stalls – Mask etc.
  • Traditional Games & Game Corner.
  • Magic and Laser Show.
  • Ethnic Fusion Fashion Show.
  • DJ on the closing night.

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Participating Artists

50+ Artists from over 33 Countries


Olympia Fine Arts International Exhibition and Symposium

Date: 16th to 22nd January 2016
Venue: Srimanta Sankaradeva
Kalakshetra, Panjabari, Guwahati – 781037, Assam, India


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Olympia Fine Art Association Event 2016